Deliver Powerful and Engaging Sermons 
Week-After-Week Without the Stress
Twelve revolutionary step-by-step modules designed to take the stress out of preparing and delivering powerful sermons each week,  increase attendance and attract new members...
The Big Problem:  Overwhelm is the new normal.
Does any of this sound familiar?
- You have a lot on your plate and you may even feel like "overwhelm" is the new normal.  
- Your Saturdays have dissapeared. 
- You find yourself constantly struggling to prepare powerful sermons. 

You are not alone.

Many amazing pastors, preachers and church leaders just like you are struggling to balance everything that comes with running a thriving Church -- especially in preparing powerful sermons every week.

If you've ever wished that sermon prep would "just be easier" so you can concentrate on the task at hand, you're not alone. 

Preping your sermons can feel like a roller coaster. Why?

Most preachers lack a sustainable system to prepare powerful sermons week after week.

It doesn't seem fair. You love Jesus. You love people. You're willing to go (literally) to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel, yet preparing our sermons can feel like a necessary evil. 

You've poured in countless hours to hone your understanding of Scripture and preaching skills. But you've never had professional training in systemitizing your sermons -- the kind that is sustainable, powerful and helps you increase members for your Church. 

This stops today.
Your guide, Jeff Henderson.
My name is Jeff Henderson and I understand the unique set of challenges facing pastors and churches today.

I help people and organizations turn their ideas into reality. I've had the blessing of being able to launch several thriving organizations including Buckhead Church, Gwinnett Church, Preaching Rocket, North Point Online, Launch Youniversity, UpFront and recently Champion Tribes. 

Prior to serving as a pastor, I spent 15 years in marketing at Chick-fil-A, Inc., the Atlanta Braves, Callaway Gardens and Lake Lanier Island Resorts. I have also had the unique opoortunity to get first-hand knowledge of both the non-profit and for-profit worlds. 

I understand the unique challenges of balancing church, preaching, and money -- and I'm excited to help you grow your church base and deliver powerful sermons . I believe in you!
12 Easy-To-Master Modules To Prepare & Deliver Incredible Sermons and Grow Your Church
We've created 12 Modules of online learning with easy to follow video, audio, and text-based training to help you create unforgettable sermons week after week. Learn how to:

1.  Build powerful sermons each week
2.  Create a preaching dream team
3.  Develop an annual, monthly, and weekly preaching calendar
4.  The missing ingredient that will change everything
5.  Master the two most important components of the first five minutes of your sermon
Illustrations, Planning Assets, and Tips That Save You Hours of Wasted Time & Frustration

You get 52 preaching illustrations to prepare with interesting stories. Additionally, you get access to the resource vault where you can download spreadsheets, documents and other planning assets. And let's not forget about our amazing forums where you can collaborate with others preachers
The 12-Module Program Curriculum
Module 1: How To Build A Great Sermon
Discover how to prepare your sermon with your congregation in mind, structure your message for maximum impact, and take control of your weekly schedule.
Module 2: Creating Sermons That Stick
Learn to craft an unforgettable bottom line — a one sentence summary of your message to drive home the main point in you sermon.
Module 3: How to Deal With Criticism
Find out how to deal with criticism in a positive, healthy way , and how to get the best, most productive feedback to help you grow as a pastor and communicator. 
Module 4: How To Develop An Annual, Monthly, and Weekly Preaching Calendar
Better sermons begin with better preparation. Creating a preaching calendar is a HUGE step in this process.
Module 5: Preaching To The Unchurched
Discover effective strategies for creating messages that reach the unchurched (who may be giving God and the church one last shot).
Module 6: The Crucial First Five Minutes
Master the two most important components of your introduction, and learn how to connect with your congregation in the first five minutes so you can win the right to be heard.
Module 7: Preaching That Elicits A Response
Discover how to weave simple action steps into your message so that people don't just hear your message...they apply it to their lives.
Module 8: Preaching The Gospel
You've been called to preach the Gospel, but it's not always easy. Learn proven techniques for communicating the Gospel.
Module 9: Becoming A Master Of Stories and Illustrations
Master the art of building stories into your sermons so that people can relate your messages to their own lives. 
Module 10: How To Create A Preaching Dream Team
Learn how to build a preaching team to help you create high-impact, church building sermons each week.
Module 11: How to Improve Your Sermon Prep Process
Learn the four essential steps for preparing your messages, and how to make the preparation process more personal and inspiring.
Module 12: The Missing Ingredient That Will Change Everything
Find out how your emotional and spiritual health affects your church, and how to improve these aspects of yourself. 
Preaching Rocket
JUST $79/m
(Save $240 a year!)
Here's What You Get:

  • ✓  12 Paradigm Shift Packed Video Modules
  • ✓  52 preaching illustrations
  • ✓  Access to Resource Vault 
  • ✓  Member Forum
One-Time Exclusive Bonuses
  • ✓  UpFront
  • ✓  Preach Better Sermons Training Videos
  • ✓  Sticky Statement System
  • ✓  Sermon Craft Notebook
WARNING: $240 Discount AND Bonuses Expire in Just...
ONE TIME Exclusive Bonuses (Total Value: $846.99)
BONUS #1: UpFront ($499 Value)
UpFront is a leadership development toolkit helping team members throughout the organization improve their leadership skills by focusing specifically on their communication skills. It is designed to help presenters make their next presentation their best presentation, and it includes digital and physical materials.
BONUS #2: Preach Better Sermons Training Videos ($299 Value)
Watch over 13 hours of training from top communicators
BONUS #3: Sticky Statement System ($29 Value)
Craft your memorable bottom lines with this reusable worksheet.
BONUS #4: Sermon Craft Notebook ($19.99 Value)
One of the keys to better preaching is better preparation. This workbook is designed to help you craft messages that connect with your congregation. Use four pages each time you need to prepare a message. Each "chapter" is a different message.
Bonuses Expire in:
Real People. Real Success Stories.

Matt Williams, City Church of Albuquerque NM

“First off… I love this product. You are revolutionizing my preaching. I have many people telling me that they have noticed a drastic improvement over the past 6 months.”

Cliff Purcell, Lewiston First Church of the Nazarene

“I’ve got sermons for the next 6 weeks already prepared and in the crock pot! I’m eager to see how God uses them to change ME over the coming weeks, let alone my congregation and the surrounding community! Thank you for your investment in me.”

Andy King, Community Church Longton

"Hi Jeff, Thanks for all your input through Preaching Rocket. I have enjoyed the structure to my preparation and not leaving it to last moment. Saturday is fun relaxing with my family, thank you.

Palm Sunday was the first time some one evaluated my preach. It was extremely helpful and positive for me."

Brad Kochis, Lifepoint Church

“I’m new to the rocket team but already have gleaned much from the segment 1 video… The instruction is really practical! I’ve tried for years to boil my message down to a tweet that a teenager to 35 yr old could connect with… Last week however, after placing the BL sooner in the teaching, I literally saw it on several fb status’ later that day, as well as tweets… word for word! At lunch yesterday w/ a newer guy for the first time & he quoted the BL… That’s your influence, it was directly measurable last week. Thanks for your help."
These people have worked directly with the material inside Preaching Rocket. It doesn't matter where how big or small your church is... Preaching Rocket works because of the massive improvements to your preparation. 
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Joining Preaching Rocket is easy, and students have instant access to the rich library of content inside. Please be advised: The cost of this program will NEVER be this low again!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What’s the Cost to Join Preaching Rocket™?

The every-day cost is just $99 for 12 months,  and only $79/month when you hop in today …. I'm confident that if you take action on the investment you've made in this program, you'll see at least a 10x return. Why? Because Preaching Rocket™ will transform your church and your life.”

Q. How long do I have access to the program?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Q.  How long will the program take?

A. We’ve designed the program to flow month-to-month. We recommend picking a specific week each month (like week 1 or 2 or 3 or 4) for you to go through the training and the materials. You should start implementing what you learn into your sermon prep right away. Why? Because if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. So put what you learn into practice right away.

I hated busy work as a preacher. Please know that we did not add anything to this program that we didn't think would benefit you. 
Q. I’m In! When Will I Get Access to Preaching Rocket™?

Your customer account will include the the video training (and audio) and all downloads to your first module immediately. You just need to to log in to your Customer Hub account to gain access.
Join Preaching Rocket Today
$240 Discount Expires in...
Joining Preaching Rocket is easy, and students have instant access to the rich library of content inside. Please be advised: The cost of this program will NEVER be this low again!
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