Are you ready to save 16-20 hours each week for an entire month?
Here’s the problem:

Most pastors are overworked and unable to get everything done on their ministry's to-do list and still have sufficient time to work on their sermons.

This isn’t just every pastor’s problem. It’s your problem … and you know you need some help.

So, what would you do with 16-20 extra hours per week?
Spend more time exercising?
Go to the movies with your spouse?
Spend time with kids or other people you love?
Look, you may be overworked now. But take it from this expert:
“Too many pastors and church leaders leave their ministries because of burnout. Those who don’t have learned the secrets to well-being.”
And no, we’re not talking about taking a sabbatical.

We don’t mean taking a break from preaching or ministry either.

In fact, YES ... you can preach awesome sermons that connect with your audience, grow your church, and have an impact on your ministry.
And you can do so while saving 16-20 hours a week while NOT neglecting your other responsibilities.

Sometimes, you need to catch up in order to catch your breath.
By getting four weeks ahead on your sermons…
And with this brand new, never-before-available resource, Gavin Adams not only shows you how, he literally gives you four sermons (an entire series) to start.
It’s called The Good Life Sermon Series.
But it’s so much more than just an awesome 4-week sermon series.

It is a pathway to preaching health.


Because once you’ve gone through and implemented this series into your preaching calendar …

Look, Gavin is no joke.
He’s the pastor of Woodstock City Church (TWA is 9,000!!!!!) so you can imagine the amount of ministry that needs to be done at a church of thousands!
And yet he isn’t burned out.
And he isn’t wondering what he’s going to preach about next Sunday (and yes, he is speaking next Sunday).
There is a very good reason why this product is called The Good Life.
#1 - It is the name of an actual sermon series that Gavin Adams delivered at Woodstock City Church. And the community--and the church--LOVED it.
#2 - We couldn’t think of a better thing that we want for you as a pastor … The Good Life.
And constantly being behind … or delivering less than stellar sermons … is not the way to experience The Good Life.
Listen. Very. Closely.
  • The key to preaching better sermons and doing ministry at your church is NOT working harder, longer or with more intensity.
  • Doesn’t matter your intentions … you will simply burn out.
  • Your sermons will suffer.
  • You will fail (no matter how hard you try) to connect with your congregation.
  • Not to mention your guests.
  • STOP thinking that working more, spending more time on sermon prep, is the way to stay afloat.
  • No, you won’t stay afloat, much less grow your church, if you’re “burning out” for Jesus.
  • Why do your messages seem to fall short of your expectations?
  • Why do fewer and fewer guests seem to return the next Sunday?
  • Why does it seem like you never have time to take care of everything in your charge?
  • Simply put, you have not allowed yourself to embrace the good life.
  • And it’s as simple as seeing what Gavin Adams has already produced for you. 
Series Overview:
Every person, Christian or not, wonders about their purpose in life. As a Christian, we often consider this purpose by other names, like God’s will or God’s plan for our life. In this series, we will consider we can discover God’s plan for our personal life, our current situation, and our participation in the Kingdom.

Week 1: Let’s Go For A Walk
God’s personal direction requires a personal connection.

We all desire to know God’s personal direction for our life, but discovering God’s direction begins with a personal connection.

Week 2: Maintaining Our Pace
Live His way to discovery our way.

We all desire to know God’s personal direction for our life, but we often miss the connection between God’s moral will for everyone’s life and his personal plan for our life.

Week 3: Whatever You Do
You have a calling while you wait on your calling.

For many of us, questioning God’s plan for our life has become a way of life. It’s so easy to wonder what God has for us next. But our focus on the future can too easily cause us to miss what’s right in front of us—God’s current plan for our life.

Week 4: On Purpose and For Purpose
Person + Place = Purpose

At some point, every one of us ponders the meaning and purpose of life. As a Christian, we don’t need to wonder, because Jesus gave us great clarity of purpose. To discover our unique purpose, all we need to do is combine who we are with where we are.
See ^^^^^^ … that is just a foretaste of what you get with The Good Life Sermon Series.
As a pastor of a church, you want to preach with confidence and lead with courage.
  • But remember what Churchill said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”
  • Lacking courage? Maybe you’re lacking margin in your life.
  • Dave Ramsey once said, “There’s no ministry without margin.”
  • Can you honestly say that you currently have the margin to be a great preacher and pastor?
  • Or like so many pastors and preachers I know, is your schedule grinding you to powder?
  • If it is, or you think you’re getting close to “that point,” then you need to do something about it.
  • Better yet, let us do something to help you.
  • Gavin was good enough to allow us to take an awesome series (that was good enough for 9,000 people to pay attention to) and let us give our friends access to it.
  • We think that you, as a pastor, should have The Good Life.
  • So, start with this sermon series in a box. 
  • From it you will learn a method for crafting sermons that will add margin back into your ministry … and your life.
  • Most “HOW TO” products completely lack the context or real world examples needed to make a difference.
  • That’s why instead of a how-to product, we’re offering this 4-part sermons series. 
  • It is literally a “Sermon Series in a Box.”
  • And when you get it, you get it.
  • The Good Life isn’t just a series in a box, 4 sermons that help you get 4 weeks ahead …
  • It’s also a framework from which you can craft all of your message series.
  • With less effort.
  • With less struggle.
  • With more confidence.
    What The Good Life Sermon Series includes:
    We've created 10 Modules of online learning with easy to follow video training and downloadable tools to help you create unforgettable sermons week after week
    5 Coaching Videos:
    Gavin has a coaching video for each sermon as well as an introductory video that serves as an overview for the whole series. This is where the real gold is. This is where the heart behind the series gets transferred from Gavin to you. We know it isn’t just enough to read the sermon notes. You need to know how to make them come alive. And Gavin does just that.
    4 Sermon Outlines:
    Yes, Gavin has outlined each sermon for you already. Yes, there is place for your own input and personal illustrations. Yes, you will need to make each sermon relevant to your specific context. But we’ve given you much more than just “bare bones” here. We’ve gotten you all the way into the red zone. All you need to do is punch the ball in for a touchdown.
    Series Graphics:
    Yes, we have provided series graphics so that you can easily and visually promote the series and dress your powerpoint or keynote with supporting images.

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